ZICA Academic Lectures

The ZICA Graduate School is accredited to train ZICA programs. Lectures are contacted during weekends at the ZICA Campus in Harare. Online Lectures are designed specifically for those students who can not attend the weekend physical Lectures. Choose the option that suits you. Download the Lecture timetables on your MYZICA Student portal Noticeboard. 


ZICA Lectures runs for three months leading to examinations. ZICA Lectures are facilitated by a 100% practitioner faculty of business leaders and successful professionals, some of whom are entrusted with leadership responsibilities within their own organisations. They bring experience that can only come from making real decisions that affect real companies. Theories are supported by real business examples and contemporary applications. What does this mean for you? It means you get your business education from business experienced leaders.


For students studying with ZICA from another country outside Zimbabwe, Lectures are taken online (Get link from your MYZICA Student Portal).

The ZICA Examinations for Out-of Zimbabwe Students are done online supervised and invigilated from the Zimbabwean Examination centre in Harare. (Get from your MYZICA Student Portal).