To provide a transformational executive learning experience that enables our stakeholders to realise their full potential thereby impacting positively how the world does business.


Developing and nurturing leaders and managers who are guided by principles, imbued with a sense of service, and equipped with effective management skills. We believe that expertise without integrity is empty and integrity without expertise is ineffectual, while expertise and integrity without service is irrelevant.



Our faculty members are workplace-based and experience-driven management practitioners occupying executive positions in their respective organizations or entrepreneurs managing their own businesses.

Teaching Methods and Resources

Teaching Methods The teaching methods employed in the courses, seminars, and workshops are Information Technology Driven & Critical Thinking Based


• Integrity
• Diversity
• Accountability

Why Choose


The ZICA Computerised Accounting and Business Management programs are designed to help you rise higher. Because we focus on professionals, Managers and entrepreneurs, we’ve created our programs to address what working professionals say is most important in a Management Executive Program. With this, in our, classes, you get practical knowledge you can use right away. From the admissions process through the classroom experience, all the way to graduation, we pride ourselves on the personal touch and being responsive to the needs of our professional students.

Our courses are led by a 100% practitioner faculty of business leaders and successful professionals, some of whom are entrusted with leadership responsibilities within their own organisations. They bring experience that can only come from making real decisions that affect real companies. Theories are supported by real business examples and contemporary applications. What does this mean for you? It means you get your business education from business experienced leaders.

• ZICA Student – Sydney Kadyadura

"Before coming to ZICA, I was used to other educational experiences that emphasized memorizing lots of information that didn’t seem to connect to my daily life. Here, I’m amazed by the diversity of methodologies used to facilitate effective learning — and how that knowledge relates directly to the business problems I need to solve on a daily basis".

• ZICA President

"I am extremely passionate about executive education. It’s all about continuous Professional Development. We try to model this and help you grow. At ZICA, we work to position our students & Members for success in Business Management".

After Graduation

The benefits of your affiliation with ZICA don’t end when you graduate. You will establish a strong network of peers and faculty that you can rely on throughout your career.